Carried in the Wind

Show for children from 18 months to 5 years

Duration: 30 minutes


Just like the nature we are familiar with, in this show’s world everything is continuously created and transformed throughout the seasons. Each season brings an episode of life for the fauna and flora, a life that revolves around a tree that nourishes and protects it, in symbiosis with the surrounding plants and animals. This evolution begins at the end of winter and ends at the beginning of the following winter. Three complete seasons of choreography made up of shapes and colours in the movements of the wind, against a background of sound that is both playful and inspired by nature.

The show “Carried in the wind”, a joint creation of the companies Contrepoint and Full Circle, is a feast for the eyes, the ears and the heart. Using textures made of paper and bright colours, they have created figures bordering on fantasy. Often funny. Always touching.

The black theatre technique adds a mysterious note to the movements of the figures that appear, disappear, return…

Artistic approach

With their show “Carried in the wind”, the companies Contrepoint and Full Circle offer an invitation for a personal stroll around a tree and its environment, where young people can project themselves, create and find their own stories.

We have chosen to give the Tree the place it deserves, to depict it as a whole, a territory, a planet. To show an abundance of life and diversity. The richness that this environment represents.

The scenario is not based on literary or linear dramaturgy but on a series of essentially audio-visual narrations, without dialogue, designed to enchant children. The aim is not to tell them a story, but to tell them about the forest using these sketches, so as to inspire in them feelings of gentleness and respect for nature and the life it nourishes. An awakening, triggering a desire to know more…

In these times when awareness of the importance of nature seems more than necessary.


(English versions can be provided upon request). Please note that this show is without words so can be performed in a multilingual context.


(A link to a recording of the full performance is available on request)