2015: The Fates’ Tarot


Theatre of Masks

Performance  – adults, 15 years and up

The Fates – Clotho, Lachésis, Atropos – ancient Goddesses of human destiny, manifest in order to respond to the questions of mortals. Their answers take the form of short symbolic tableaux that relate fables – many from Aesop and some from La Fontaine – that the Fates modify however they like, providing neither explanation nor moral.

Their devoted and mischievous servants, guided by the puppeteer held firmly in the hands of Lachésis – Goddess of existence – don masks and play out these living tableaux. It is up to the audience member to interpret their wisdom, to find answers to their questions…


Slave, author of fables. Did he write for children? We tend to think not. The universe of his fables overflows with guile, jealousy, maliciousness and egotism.
About the starving Cricket who was turned away from the Ant’s door in winter because he hadn’t worked during the summer… Just who does that Ant take herself for? And then, the Cricket is an artist who worked on his art all summer. Doesn’t the Ant like music?