2006-07: kronos cold


Time – our most precious possession. Or is it we who belong to Kronos?

Created around impressions gathered from stories by Andersen and Vesaas, this visual performance followed the footsteps of “She who walks”, searching for “The Other”, mysteriously taken away by a being from a world in perpetual winter. Glacial figures guided, obscured and delayed the separated twins’ timeless journey around and within the ice mountain where, in spite of the cold and anguish, there prevailed a spark of hope for reunion and the end of this infernal Kronos cold.

A work created in the context of the event “Mamans Fatales”, organized and supported by Théâtre Meschugge et the Théatre du Grand Parquet, Paris. It premiered at the Charleville-Mezières International Puppetry Festival in September 2006.

Direction: Mary Sharp, with the assistance of Ilka Schönbein
Conception, puppets and objects, performance: Mary Sharp
Original music and sound images: Rudi Meier
Lights: Ludovic Velon
Sound: Françoise Bajulaz
Assistance on stage: Simone Decloedt