Back in the workshop

In collaboration with the Compagnie Contrepoint for a show for children.

Carried in the wind (provisional title), a visual show for all audiences from 3 years old on. Collaboration and coproduction based on an idea by the Compagnie Contrepoint.

While the Co. Contrepoint is familiar with young audiences and has produced children’s shows for a number of years, developing a composition while imagining ourselves before the sensitive eyes of small children will be a first for us.

Side by side, the two companies have undertaken a journey through the depths of nature and its innate symbioses. Together we seek to extract an essence and translate it into images and figures, to render the perpetual cycle of coming and going as visual poetry, all being animated by a vital wind carrying with it transformation and metamorphose. It is actually the wind that made us choose to experiment with the magic of black theatre for this performance. The wind that blows and scatters colored forms, the wind that sets them down in an orderly way, the wind that blows them away again. We are now (August 2018) at the very beginning of the creation of the figures. So far, “the wind” has brought us the Macon-bird, the Leaf-eater, the Hibernator… (see their first steps here).
To be continued!